An efficient radiator to control your electricity consumption while improving comfort.

A connected thermostat to understand and adapt to your needs and the characteristics of your home.

The battery stores electricity during off-peak hours, cheaper and cleaner energy. Combined with photovoltaic production, it allows up to 100% self-consumption.

The Lancey solution is very easy to install as a replacement for an electric convector or as a first installation.

To date, 600 Lancey radiators installed. Ask for your study here.


  • The heating elements

    Lancey’s natural rock slabs combined with an infrared radiant panel provide an instantaneous warmth feeling while ensuring a stable temperature and optimal comfort.


  • The battery

    In order to reduce your electricity bill, Lancey’s battery charges during off peak hours (paired with photovoltaic panels) and reinjects its energy to the grid during peak demand to power the heater. It levels your power consumption so that you can reduce your subscribed power and make additional savings.


  • Embedded intelligence

    With its sensors and native connectivity with the cloud and smart meters, Lancey learns from your habits to optimize its power consumption without reducing your comfort.


Easy manual and remote control

You can select your comfort temperature, turn your heater on and off and put it in frost protection directly with its manual interface. Its light indicator will let you know if you are likely to over-consume energy. But if you prefer, all this can be done remotely and in a centralized way with Lancey’s mobile app.


Power consumption optimization

Thanks to its sensors, Lancey heater knows if you are at home or if a window is open. Its connectivity to Lancey energy management system on the cloud enables it to auto-set up to automatically adapt to your habits, power contract, weather data... Lancey can thus generate energy savings that can reach up to 30% of your initial electric heating bill.


Bill optimization

Lancey heaters communicate with smart meters to switch to battery mode during electricity peak demand. It transfers part of your peak hours power consumption to off-peak hours and flattens your load curve. These extra savings represent around 20% of your heating bill. In total it is up to 50% of your bill you can save with our technology.

Lancey’s other advantages

  • Plug’n’play : Lancey heater is as easy to install than any other electric heater. Plug it and identify it on the app with its QR code, it is already functional.
  • All channel on-board connectivity: Wifi and mobile network (2G, 3G, 4G).
  • Fully silent.
  • Made in France.

the app

An application to manage your power consumption

  • Definition of your comfort temperatures for different zones.
  • Remote and central control of your heaters.
  • Real time monitoring of internal and external temperatures, power consumption, bill and heaters’ working condition. Monthly synthesis also available.


For residents and other users

  • A maximum of comfort at minimal cost, with total peace of mind : except for their comfort temperature, users have nothing to set up.
  • Up to 50% savings on electric heating bills compared with traditional convectors.
  • A real-time control on heating and power bills with an application that turns homes into smart homes without any additional equipment.


For landlords or real estate managers

  • The solution for self-consumption (in residential and tertiary). Connected to your solar panels, the battery and the energy management system allow you to store energy and use it when you need it most.
  • A renovation up to 75% cheaper than the conversion of an electrically heated building to gas heating.
  • A plug’n’play solution, whose installation is non intrusive and requires no modification of the existing electrical installation.
  • A real time and real conditions building thermal diagnosis and consumption monitoringt.

The ingenious solution proposed by Lancey’s team has prevailed to address some of our most important challenges as a metropole : cost control, carbon footprint and energy consumption reduction, better management of our staff’s comfort, demand response services to the grid. No doubt that we will collaborate again.

David Scatigno, Project manager, and Anne-Elisabeth Cotte, Head of Mission, innovation at the Metropole of Grenoble

Since 2016, the Lancey radiator has been deployed in a tertiary building of Grenoble-Alpes Metropole.


For the environment

  • The solution for energy consumption (in residential and tertiary). The Lancey solution is connected to your solar panels and allows you to store energy to utilise it when you need it most.
  • All the advantages of electric heating without its drawbacks thanks to peak-shaving and to an optimized use of low carbon energy sources.
  • A solution that fosters the development of self-consumption renewable installations by making it easy to store their production surplus.
  • An efficient way to democratize decentralized storage in order to provide services to the grid and to ease the deployment of smartgrids.

Demand response services provided by Lancey’s batteries bring flexibility to the grid and thus enable a better integration of renewable intermittent energies. For this reason, Smart Grid Energy has been supporting Lancey’s solutions from the beginning.

Maxime Dauby, CEO of Smart Grid Energy (Vinci Group)

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 850151.

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