LANCEY Energy Storage has created an energy storage battery for heating

Storage battery,
heating, smart technology:
a unique and innovative

11 patent families
19 standards


Optimal thermal comfort and reduced electricity consumption.


Invisible and economical storage capacity that can be used all year round


For building managers and users.

A smart radiator for optimal thermal comfort

The Lancey Capella® is one of the best electric radiators on the market in terms of thermal comfort (NF 3 stars + eye certification) and can be installed like a conventional electric radiator. With a sleek design and high-quality materials, this product is made to last.

Optimised consumption,
and safety

The sensors in the Lancey Capella allow information to be sent from the home to the cloud, updating the energy management system on:

Air quality with no Volatile Organic Compounds

VOCs / air quality

Innovative air humidity sensor

Humidity level
(air quality)

Radiator with CO2e sensor

(air quality)

Photovoltaic-self-consumption lighting management

Room brightness,

Ambient temperature sensor

Ambient temperature,

Radiator with infrared sensor

PIR / infrared sensor.

Lancey radiators are connected to an energy management system (EMS) which operates using predictive control. This EMS has two parallel goals: to consume as little energy as possible, and to achieve the level of comfort requested by users based on the internal data reported by the sensors and external information (weather forecast, electricity rates, etc.) 

Eligible for the "coup de pouce chauffage" bonus
LANCEY Energy Storage designed and made in France
NF certification for our electric radiator

An integrated storage battery to optimise the energy consumption


The battery stores solar energy

Discussions and research to support landlords and developers

During off-peak hours (cheaper and less carbon-intensive electricity),

Project study tailored to your building or needs

Using the daytime photovoltaic generation thanks to the inverter.

The battery supplies the home/building

Discussions and research to support landlords and developers

To power all electrical devices and the Lancey Capella radiator,

Project study tailored to your building or needs

In the most optimised way thanks to the energy management system.

Monitoring and savings
via our apps

The applications linked to the LANCEY solution allow you to optimise its potential, better control your energy consumption, and increase your comfort.


The MyLanceyBusiness application allows managers of buildings or housing estates to remotely and accurately control the heating system and optimise the photovoltaic system. The standard version of the app includes the following services:

Real-time consumption monitoring

Real-time monitoring of the consumption of the radiators,

Real-time air quality data

Air quality data reports,

Real-time alerts on the manager app

Real-time alerts on any misuse or malfunctions.

Our team can support you in customising the app’s features to suit your needs: different levels of management for greater accuracy, scalability, possible links with the APIs of your existing management system, etc.

For residents
or users:

The MyLancey app is available for free on Android and iOS. It allows residents and users to:

App to connect and manage LANCEY radiators

Connect and manage their LANCEY Energy Storage radiators,

Mobile temperature management

Remotely manage their temperature settings,

Monitoring of daily energy consumption

Monitor their daily energy consumption and learn how to reduce it,

Monitoring of the energy generated by the photovoltaic system via an app

Monitor the energy generated by their photovoltaic system,

Monitoring of daily energy consumption

Access useful information on energy consumption, air quality, etc.

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