Electric radiator with an integrated battery

A storage battery
into a
smart electric radiator :
this changes everything!

Energy transition: LANCEY Energy Storage offers the only system that has optimised photovoltaic self-consumption to reduce your electricity bill. Improve your thermal comfort thanks to a totally innovative management system based on a smart electric heater with an integrated battery.

Économies d’énérgies grâce au radiateur électrique Radiateur électrique pour des économies d’énergies
Intelligence ambarquée pour radiateur électrique autoconsommation


Éléments chauffant pour radiateur électrique autoconsommation


Batterie de stockage pour autoconsommation photovoltaique


Much more than a renewable energy storage battery:

  • Easily achieve 90% photovoltaic self-consumption,
  • Use the stored electricity all year round thanks to the micro-inverter and smart system,
  • Optimise your peak/off-peak usage and reduce your energy bill.

Much more than a next-generation electric radiator:

  • Achieve 35% savings on your heating bills,
  • Improve your thermal comfort thanks to innovative sensors and management,
  • Enhance your home at the best price with equipment designed and manufactured in France.

Heating and self-consumption: a comprehensive and tailor-made solution for detached or multi-unit housing and non-residential buildings.


An innovative and economical solution for new builds or renovations

Our solutions for photovoltaic self-consumption, smart energy management, energy storage and heating are of particular interest to landlords, developers, detached property builders, property management companies, co-owners, managers of non-residential buildings, and hoteliers:

  • Low investment costs and lower bills,
  • Improved energy label and enhancement of the property,
  • Compliance with the French tertiary decree (décret tertiaire),
  • Greater comfort for users,
  • Reduced fuel poverty,
  • Centralised management,
  • In line with: RT2012, RE2020, E+C-.


Distribute LANCEY Energy Storage solutions

LANCEY Energy Storage solutions are only installed by certified professionals.

  • A network of qualified installers,
  • Ease of installation,
  • Unique and innovative technology to add to your range of solutions,
  • A simple smart storage solution to offer your customers,
  • Extensive expertise in the world of home automation.


Find a certified LANCEY Energy Storage installer

Replace your electric system with a lower-cost electric solution. Improve your comfort and switch to solar self-consumption.

  • Enjoy an accessible and innovative solution,
  • Increase your comfort and reduce your bill,
  • Experience next-generation smart products,
  • Reduce your construction or renovation costs,
  • Embrace renewable energy.

A company with drive

Ensuring that the energy transition reduces inequality by providing access to energy, thermal comfort and innovation.