An optimised energy management solution

A global
energy management solution
and building


Reduce the building’s electricity consumption


Optimise the building’s heating system


Optimise the photovoltaic system


Replace an obsolete electric heating system with our comprehensive energy management solution:

  • Lower consumption for lower electricity bills,
  • Increased user comfort thanks to LANCEY’s innovation,
  • A management app to monitor consumption as closely as possible,
  • A lever to fight against the fuel poverty of your users,
  • We train your teams for installation, operation and maintenance.


Choose the most economical and easy-to-install heating system:

  • Easier and faster installation than other heating systems with comparable energy performance (gas/heat pump),
  • A management app to accurately monitor consumption for optimal energy management,
  • One of the most cost-effective solutions on the market thanks to its rapid return on investment,
  • Immediate improvements to the building’s energy performance,
  • Your buildings are ready to make the most of future photovoltaic systems.

Integration of renewable energy systems

Install solar panels and optimise the system using photovoltaic self-consumption:

  • Installation carried out by our network of certified professionals (QualiPV, RGE),
  • Possible integration of the LANCEY self-consumption solution with an existing photovoltaic system
  • Several possible configurations for detached or multi-unit housing, non-residential buildings, hotels,
  • We can manage your entire “self-consumption project” to ensure optimised energy management,
  • An accurate return on investment calculated by our experts during the project engineering phase to find the most cost-effective solution.

From the study to construction:

Discussions and research to support landlords and developers
Discussions and research

Our team takes knowledge with your project and collects all the relevant information and parameters,

Project study tailored to your building or needs
Tailor-made study

Project engineering by our experts, tailored to the characteristics of the building, its usage and your needs: size, location, savings, installation costs.

  • Study of the building to be renovated or constructed: characteristics of the building envelope/architectural plans/thermal characteristics/usage and needs,
  • Choice of the type, capacity and number of connected radiators according to the dwelling (volume/adjacent buildings/terraced houses, etc.),
  • Dimensioning of the photovoltaic installation
  • Storage dimensioning for self-consumption valorization
  • Storage dimensioning for self-consumption valorization
  • Calculation and presentation of the expected return on investment of the solution
  • Validation of project compliance with local and national regulations,
  • Comparison with the existing system or other options available on the market.
Proposal for the best heating or self-consumption solution

Detailed presentation and approval of the chosen heating or self-consumption solution. Follow-up by our sales team,

Completion of your project by our partners

Installation by our certified partners,

Commissioning supported by our team

Launch of the solution with the support of our team,

Monitoring and maintenance by our technical staff

After-sales service and maintenance by our installers and LANCEY technical team.

Would you like our team to study your project and propose the most suitable solution? Please contact us!

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