An innovative solution for professional solar panel installers

Are you a professional electrician,
heating engineer or

installer ?

LANCEY Energy Storage provides training for its network of authorised distributors to guarantee a high-quality installation process.

By adding LANCEY’s products and solutions to your catalogue, you can offer your customers an innovative system to increase their thermal comfort and optimise their photovoltaic system through self-consumption. The training provided by our experts offers a unique opportunity to hone your expertise in the fields of photovoltaics, self-consumption and smart home technology. Join us on our greatest adventure, making the energy transition accessible to all!

RGE-certified solar panel installation

100% of our installers are RGE certified

Every installer who joins our network must be RGE certified. A guarantee of quality, this certification instils confidence in our customers and users when they choose our solutions for their energy renovation or solar panel installation project. It also allows our customers to benefit from French energy saving certificate bonuses.

QualiPV-certified solar panel installation

QualiPV-certified solar panel installation

All our photovoltaic solutions are installed by QualiPV-certified professionals in order to guarantee high-quality installations and reliable before/during/after-sales service.

Certified Lancey Energy Storage installers

Close contact with the manufacturer for seamless customer support.

As easy to install as a conventional electric radiator, there is no need to modify your customer’s electrical circuit. The strength of our network lies in our customer support, which is why we provide training and a comprehensive toolbox for all of our new LANCEY technology, supporting you throughout the sales, installation and after-sales process.

Become a certified LANCEY Energy Storage partner and enjoy exclusive access to our comprehensive self-consumption range to help your customers optimise their photovoltaic system.

Do you want to become a certified LANCEY Energy Storage installer ? Contact us!

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